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2016-11-17: Scnlog v2
Welcome to the Feedback page which serves the same purpose as it did in the old Scnlog and it’s the best way to “talk” to the admin. You can make your suggestions, complaints or requests here, preferably in a polite manner. If you are making a request for a scene release make sure it’s not too old. Don’t ask for re-uploads of stuff that was taken down to DMCA complaints.

Since we are in the beginning, there are probably some errors I didn’t notice. I’m mainly interested in releases that are in the wrong categories. If you spot one, please let me know.

2017-11-08: What happened?
Our previous domains and were suspended by the .eu registry and they no longer work nor I have access to them. Please update your bookmarks to the new domain Following this incident a Twitter account was set up so that you can be informed in case something like this happens again. Also the comments on this page were reset.


  • summer says:

    please more episodes of “Sommaren.Med.Slakten” if you can

  • YesItsMed says:

    Thanks for all posts, most of all Swedish ones 🙂
    Please post this one:


    Thanks in advance!

  • Mark says:

    Hi guys! is there a chance to re-upload this album:
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  • Little Helper says:

    @Mark Hello! This is not a scene release. Only this release was found

  • Jan says:

    Good job. Just one question. Is it possible to post the final episode from “Badehotellet” (S05E06). It’s still missing but all other episodes are there. That would be great!!. Thanks in advance.

  • J says:

    Please post more Greyzone and Liberty

  • Mark says:

    @Little Helper thanks for the link. Sorry for making another request but it’d be nice if you could upload Laurie_Anderson_And_Kronos_Quartet-Landfall-2018-ERP. Thanks!

  • Little Helper says:

    @Mark Hello! I found only this release.

  • wizotoo says:

    happy easter scnlogers 🙂

  • JohnMcCarey says:

    Hi! Can I ask you, any chance to upload this two releases: &, please. Don’t know how it works and can’t find it anywhere..( Thanks in advance.

  • thanks says:

    Any chance you can upload any of these?


  • Chavvy71 says:

    Anyone have this Smd-The_Ultimate_Collection_(Mixed_By_Slipmatt)-WEB-2017-2FAST4U

    Missed it and all the links are dead 🙁

  • question_mark says:

    Hey mate, thank you so much for your efforts!

    Just checking in to ask you whether there is something wrong with /Apps category? Hasn’t posted the past two days releases….

    Thanks in advance,

  • Allen says:

    Could anyone help me to get this one? Thanks.

  • Ryan says:

    Why site that’s slow?

  • user says:

    please fix RSS

  • freulein says:

    Hi! Somehow, the release AUTODESK.ALIAS.AUTOSTUDIO.V2019.WIN64-MAGNiTUDE from 2018-04-18 02:04:35 didn’t get published on the site. Nevertheless… thanks a lot for your efforts, great site!

  • wizotoo says:

    high sysop there is a problem with part2 of this release with openload it took a few minutes to bring up the idm download dialog and even then its not sending the file Udemy.Music.Theory.Guitar.and.Ear.Training.TUTORiAL-ADSR
    thanks 🙂

  • Oldschool_Raver says:

    Hello my dear friends. Please, help in search these old scene-releases:


  • A says:

    RSS feed does not work anymore for me with Netvides since last week. Anyone having the same issue ?

  • says:

    To the people asking why RSS isn’t working, I enabled the Cloudflare ddos protection to all RSS pages because the server can’t cope with all the traffic directed to it which was making the entire site to run very slow. RSS feeds can still be accessed by browsers though. If server load goes back to normal I’ll disable it.

    @wizotoo, working fine here.

    @Oldschool_Raver, sorry can’t help you.

  • wizotoo says:

    high sysop strange its working fine for me too now 🙂

  • Yes says:


    Please post:


    Thanks 🙂

  • Cláudio Caffé says:

    is having some problem with rss …
    I have not received updates since 19 d April …
    however from other sites I usually receive
    thanks for the attention
    from Brazil

  • wizotoo says:

    @Cláudio Caffé the sysop already answered this question a few posts back says:

    Monday, 23rd April 2018 at 12:39

    To the people asking why RSS isn’t working, I enabled the Cloudflare ddos protection to all RSS pages because the server can’t cope with all the traffic directed to it which was making the entire site to run very slow. RSS feeds can still be accessed by browsers though. If server load goes back to normal I’ll disable it.

  • yOpis says:

    Hey admin you missed openload links for this mp3 release😞

  • es says:

    Wold be nice to reupload:

  • wizotoo says:

    @es once something gets taken down by dmca copyright complaint it can not be reuploaded its against the file host rules

  • Zerotime says:

    Does anyone have a copy of this?


  • Little Helper says:


    Hello! I found this release in FLAC and VINYL RIP.
    Do you need these releases in this format? Or will you wait in MP3?

  • Tom says:

    @Little Helper

    I’ll take the FLAC and Vinyl Rips


  • Little Helper says:


    The file(s) will be kept for 7 days.

  • iwashere says:

    Any chance this getting uploaded?


    I see ep 01, 03 and 04 but ep 02 seems to be missing… Please help 🙂

  • Tom says:



  • iwashere says:

    Many thanks for the “Sjolyckan.S01E02.SWEDiSH.720p.HDTV.x264-CCCAM” upload.

    Much appreciated. 🙂

  • frees__ says:

    Does anyone have a copy of this?


  • bustamove says:

    Strange one…. just noticed that this release (Child_Support-Twin_Peaks_Stop_Look_And_Listen-(MASH001)-WEB-2003-PRESCRiPTiON_INT) only appears in lists with music filter selected not Drum & Bass genre filter. This is weird because on the page detailing the release it is identified as Drum & Bass but when you click that particular hyperlink the resulting search produces a “nothing found” response.

  • fernando says:

    hello, scnlog, could you upload these following albums (none of them released here yet), please?











    thanks a lot for any help!

  • wizotoo says:

    high sysop part9 from the openload links of this game is missing if you can upload it please Mad.Max.Road.Warrior-PLAZA
    thanks 🙂

  • fernando says:

    thanks a lot for the help with the albums, much appreciated!

  • downloader says:

    i’m not one to usually question the scene way of doing things…but this time i have to.
    in the past few days we seen strange rls’s from a strange looking rls group ZH:


    i don’t mind the rls’s ,i do mind the content of the NFO. it seems no one reads NFO’s. this group NFO looks like it was copied from XQZT rls group, but added their own little taste of hate and agenda to the NFO. READ THEIR NFO,U WILL SEE.

    i don’t download those rls’s as they look suspicious to me. and even if they prove to be safe i don’t support the discrediting of another scene grp, or possibly the discrediting of the entire scene. this could be used by ppl like the MPAA to make their case to the FBI, and direct unnecessary attention to scene.

  • downloader says:,a small batch of scene rls’s from the 2018-05-02 in the APPS section is missing, the XQZT rls’s for PACKT tutorials. could you check if there is a problem wth uploads in the APPS section?
    thank you/

  • apps_section_stopped_updating says:


    The APPs section seems to have stopped updating new releases. Could you give it a check if something’s wrong?

    Thank you so much in advance,

  • J says:

    Any chance of the rest of Morden.I.Sandhamn.S06 ?


  • A says: : Would it be possible to fix and display again the iMBD links for the movies please ? It was very useful…
    Any chance the RSS will be available again ? (I mean from an external source) Or are you still under massive potential DDoS ??
    Thank you, I hope you’ll be able to fix those small things so this site remains as easy and enjoyable it was a few weeks before

  • itsme says:

    any chance that you upload… Trailblazers_Linux-Razor1911 ?

    thanks in advance

  • Fixit says:

    Show/Hide Screenshots doesn’t work anymore, neither in Chrome or Firefox

  • wizotoo says:

    @Fixit I tried show screenshots on a few random hd tv shows and its working for me

  • wizotoo says:

    @Fixit im using ie

  • wizotoo says:

    @Fixit I tried show screenshots on a few xxx movies and its not working on those for me either

  • (^_^) says:

    Screenshots not working
    Please fix screenshots

  • Anon says:

    File information is not showing up on TV > SDTV section since the last 4 days or so

    can you please fix it ?

  • itsme says:

    Hi could you please add “Fallen.Legion.Plus.v20180511.RIP-SiMPLEX”, you do have the MUSIC.ADDON for it, but not the main game rip.


  • thanks says:

    Any chance of this one: Marvel.vs.Capcom.Infinite.Deluxe.Edition-PLAZA, or maybe too big? (60 GB)

  • Csumpika says:

    Cant use RSS, it wont work… WHY??? i tryed any reader but nothing happening.. THXTHX

  • itsme says:

    Hello, could you please upload… “Tacoma_v20180515_Linux-Razor1911”.

    Thanks in advance.

  • wizotoo says:

    @itsme that’s a new release sometimes you have to wait a little while it wont be instantly here the moment its released

  • healthnut says:

    Hi, can you pls reupload Dr.Greger.Latest.In.Clinical.Nutrition.Vol.XX.TUTORIAL-SoSISO

    Links not working are Vol. 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12.

    Were volumes 19 and 20 ever uploaded, if so can you pls also reupload these.

    Many thanks for these. They save lives.

  • yOpis says:

    Hey admin ! You missed this release


  • tobo says:

    music categories Pages (2,3,…) just not work (only house cat. pages work) !

    please resolve this…

    many thanks

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