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Thanks for visiting this page. Unfortunately we can’t take any donations at this time due to high transaction fees afflicting Bitcoin right now which makes low value donations pointless. Also, with a single donation in 6 months, it’s obvious that most people are still put off by Bitcoin.

If you still want to help your best option is buying a Nitroflare premium account using the links on this site. I get 70% of the value of your purchase and you get the closest thing to max speed http downloads. And you can also contact me afterwards with proof of your purchase (date and length of the premium should suffice) and you get an account on Scnlog so that you can browse the site without any ads.

If you still want to donate through cryptocurrencies, besides Bitcoin (BTC) you can use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead which at the moment has much lower fees.


Bitcoin Cash


Please let me know if you made a donation through BTC or BCH.